Blood Bank Introduction

The Blood transfusion laboratory offers a 24 hour service for routine and urgent provision of blood and blood components.

Blood transfusion carries risk and good clinical practice requires that blood components should be prescribed only when the benefit to the patient is likely to outweigh the risks. Prescription of these components shall be in conjunction with the Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule (MSBOS) and trust transfusion policy.

The requirement for transfusion of blood or blood components shall be recorded in the notes prior to completing a request form. The patient should be informed that they require a transfusion and given the appropriate information leaflets if circumstances allow. These should be available in all clinical areas. The component type and quantity required should be requested in conjunction with the above guidance, to request further information leaflets contact the Hospital Transfusion Practitioner on ext. 15966.

A comprehensive guide to UHB Transfusion Services, Guidelines, Sample Requirements and Indications for Blood Use can be found in the Blood Transfusion Policy and its linked Procedures 1-8 available on the Trust Intranet

The guidelines have been drawn up in line with nationally agreed indication codes and recommendations

Samples for complex red cell, platelet and granulocyte antibody tests, will be referred to the NHSBT. It is recommended that if patients require these investigations it should be discussed with a Clinical Haematologist

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