Preferred Sample Type

Urinary Haemosiderin

Suitable Specimen Types

Plain Spot Urine

Urinary Haemosiderin

Specimen Transport

Standard transport to laboratory

Sample Preparation


Sample Stability

24 hours

General Information

An iron stain for urinary haemosiderin is indicated when a patient’s condition suggests the possible presence of haemolysis.


Assay Limitations:

If the test Haemosiderin is present in small amounts or is unevenly distributed, the test should be repeated on a freshly taken sample.

The observation of renal epithelial cells or casts which contain Haemosiderin granules is a useful indicator that the Haemosiderin originated in the kidney and is not a contaminant.


Reference Range

Haemosiderin either appears as blue staining of isolated or grouped granules. Results are reported as POSITIVE or NEGATIVE



  • EQAS Scheme: No

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