Preferred Sample Type

Varicella zoster (VZ) IgG

Varicella zoster (VZ) IgG

Turnaround Time

3-7 Days

General Information

Please state clearly the serological tests required and provide relevant clinical information. If unsure, contact Clinical Microbiologist or Virologist for advice.


When adequate information is not provided, serum will be stored and a report requesting more details issued. Serum will be discarded after 2 weeks if this additional information is not received.


Many serological tests require both acute and convalescent sera (10-14 days following onset); the PHE laboratory will not perform assays on acute phase serum until a follow up convalescent sample is provided. Serological assays which require a follow up sample will be stored in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Microbiology laboratory and a report issued requesting a convalescent sample. The serum will be discarded after one month if convalescent serum is not provided.

When patients present late in the clinical course of an infection and only convalescent serum is available, please state this information clearly on the request form to ensure the assay will be performed.



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