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Microbiology Department

Microbiology Department



The department provides comprehensive bacteriology, parasitology, and mycology services. Provision of viral serology testing is shared across Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Biochemistry, however clinical responsibility remains solely with Clinical Microbiology.

The department also provides environmental monitoring and testing for the Trust.

The Infection Control service including the surveillance and prevention of hospital acquired infections as well as the management of infection outbreaks, is accountable corporately to the Trust, although the designated Infection Control Doctors are employed within this department. It also develops policies and guidelines and advises NHS staff of all grades and specialties on matters concerning Infection Control. Infection Control Services are also provided for the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust and Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust.

There is a satellite laboratory at the Sexual Health Clinic in the centre of Birmingham:

Department of Genito-Urinary Medicine, Whittall Street Clinic, Whittall Street, Birmingham, B4 6DH.




Click here for a list of Microbiology UKAS accredited assays.


Minimum data for Request forms

A separate Clinical Microbiology request form is required for each specimen with the patient's minimum data set and the requesting doctor's bleep number to facilitate communication of urgent or important results.

The background colour of each test corresponds to the print colour of the appropriate request form. Use of the correct request form will facilitates the sorting and onward processing of samples. Relevant clinical details must be given, including duration of illness and current antibiotic therapy to facilitate relevant clinical guidance.

Please do not include tests that are performed by other laboratory disciplines, e.g. CSF Protein or Cytology investigations on a Microbiology request form as this delays processing of requests

The department will cooperate with users or their representatives in clarifying the user's requests.

Laboratory Opening Times

Core Hours

Out of hours

Monday – Friday 08.00 - 20.00

Monday – Friday 20.00 - 08.00

Weekend 08.00 -16.00

Weekend 16.00 - 08.00 the following day

Bank Holidays – As for weekends

Bank Holidays – As for weekends

Please be aware that we are providing a 24/7 service. This replaces the out-of-hours on-call service.

Emergency specimens outside core laboratory hours should be arranged directly with the Biomedical Scientist (contact via the hospital switchboard). In general, the results of any specimens which are required to be analysed on-call should influence the patient's immediate management.

Tests available on the emergency service for Clinical Microbiology include the examination of:

  • Cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Peritoneal Dialysis fluid.
  • Ascitic taps.
  • Synovial fluid.
  • Aspirates from deep-seated infections.
  • Pericardial fluids.
  • Organ transplant serology.
  • Intra-operative specimens that cannot be repeated.

Blood cultures that are taken out of hours should be sent to the laboratory immediately. There is no need to notify the on-call technician or Clinical Microbiologist. If urgent examination of a specimen not listed above is felt necessary, please contact the on-call Medical Microbiologist via the hospital switchboard.


Contact us


Contact Details

Clinical Microbiologists


Dr Nim Wickramasinghe 





For external or urgent internal queries, contact duty microbiologist through switchboard. For non-urgent internal queries, please use the PICS referral form with working hours or via switchboard out of hours




Dr Matt O'Shea (Deputy Clinical Service Lead)

Dr Miruna David

Dr Elisabeth Holden

Dr Aimee Johnson

Dr Debbie Mortiboy

Dr Mimi Hamad (Clinical Service Lead)

Dr Pauline Jumaa

Specialist Registrars



Dr H Osman or Dr Sowsan Atabani

Ext. 16518 or mobile telephone via hospital switchboard


On-call Medical Microbiologist, Virologist or Biomedical Scientist:

Mobile telephone via hospital switchboard (a rota operates for this service)

(This service is provided by staff from home)

Infection Control Nursing Team

Ext. 13785 (out of hours contact the On-call Clinical Microbiologist)

Community Infection Control Nurses

0121 466 6304 (Birmingham Community Healthcare)

Decontamination Advisor

Ext. 13852 or mobile telephone through switchboard

Laboratory Managers


Catherine Swann (Laboratory Manager)

Ext. 16532 or external 0121 371 6532

Ashok Dadrah (Operational Manager: Virology / Molecular)

Hussain Ahmed (Operational Manager: Bacteriology)

Matthew Smith-Banks (Operational Manager: Specimen reception, WSC, Automation, Bacteriology, Mycology)

Ext. 16583 or external 0121 371 6583


Ext. 16623 or external 0121 371 6623


Ext. 16530 or external 0121 371 6530

Specimen Reception

Ext. 13306 or external 0121 371 3306


Departmental Direct line

0121 371 6538


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