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Epigenetic silencing of the MGMT (O6-methylguanine–DNA methyltransferase) gene by promoter methylation is associated with longer overall survival in patients with glioblastoma who, in addition to radiotherapy, received alkylating chemotherapy with temozolomide. High levels of MGMT activity in cancer cells create a resistant phenotype by hindering the therapeutic effect of alkylating agents and may be an important determinant of treatment failure.

What to send:

  • Paraffin block from biopsy, resection or cell block
  • 3-4 unstained mounted sections at 6μm on uncharged slides

Please note tissue handling, tissue fixation, time between cutting and staining and excessive drying can lead to loss of expression. Fixatives containing alcohol should not be used and use of Bouin’s fixative will preclude testing by FISH methods.

A copy of the original Pathology report where possible.

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  • EQA Status: NEQAS

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