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Mutation analysis of the IDH1 and IDH2 genes is used as a supplement to immunohistochemistry. Whilst the IDH1 R132H-specific antibody detects the majority of IDH mutated tumours, mutation analysis for rarer R132 variants along with IDH R100 and IDH2 R172 mutations is used in particular relevant clinical scenarios.

What to send:

  • Paraffin block from biopsy, resection or cell block
  • 3-4 unstained mounted sections at 6μm on uncharged slides

Please note tissue handling, tissue fixation, time between cutting and staining and excessive drying can lead to loss of expression. Fixatives containing alcohol should not be used and use of Bouin’s fixative will preclude testing by FISH methods.

A copy of the original Pathology report where possible.

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