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The way that H.pylori testing is performed has changed within the Microbiology department. A H.pylori stool antigen test is now in place, and is awaiting UKAS accreditation which will be assessed in January. Therefore users must be aware that this test is currently unaccredited. Tests are accredited to internationally recognised standards for medical laboratories ISO 15189. The previous H.pylori Ab test which utilised patient serum is no longer available.

Additionally, the methods for Cryptococcal antigen detection have changed. Previously, an antigen agglutination test was performed which is now no longer utilised within the department. The department now utilises a lateral flow test which is currently unaccredited: UKAS are assessing the extension to scope in January.

The department has also applied for an extension to scope for CPE testing, to include the chromogenic agar which we utilise and a PCR platform. This means that currently the CPE testing is unaccredited. The extension to scope is being assessed by UKAS in January.

Add on tests Microbiology

Add on tests Microbiology

Microbiology will endeavour to perform additional tests on specimens (except Serology) at the request of medical staff and if we are contacted within 48 hours of receipt. Serology specimens are processed, in most cases, by Biochemistry and so are an exception unless from an out-patient where the test would affect their management.

The feasibility of performing extra tests on a specimen is reliant on there being sufficient material, that the specimen is appropriate for the test and that it is still available. Consideration should be given to resubmitting specimens that can easily be obtained unless, in the interim, antibiotics have been administered.

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