Preferred Sample Type

HDL Cholesterol

Suitable Specimen Types


HDL Cholesterol

Specimen Volume

1 ml whole blood

Sample Preparation


Turnaround Time

1 day

Sample Processing In Laboratory


Sample Stability

7 days at 2-8°C, 30 days at -60 to -80°C

General Information

High-density lipoproteins (HDL) form a class of lipoproteins, varying somewhat in their size (8-11 nm in diameter) and contents, that carry cholesterol from the body's tissues to the liver. Because HDL can remove cholesterol from atheroma within arteries, and transport it back to the liver for excretion or re-utilization, they are seen as \"good\" lipoproteins. When measuring cholesterol any contained in HDL particles serves as protection to the body's cardiovascular health. HDL concentrations are one of the factors included in the Framingham risk equations for MI and cardiovascular disease.

Patient Preparation

Fasting sample recommended


EDTA plasma is not acceptable.

Reference Range

>1.55 mmol/L

Source of Reference Range

Abbott Diagnostics


  • EQA Status: NEQAS
  • EQAS Scheme: Yes

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