Suitable Specimen Types

Li Hep Plasma

Albumin (Alb)

Specimen Volume

1 ml blood (minimum sample volume 200uL)

Specimen Transport

Not applicable

Sample Preparation

Centrifuge on arrival

Turnaround Time

24 hours

Sample Processing In Laboratory

No special requirements

Sample Stability

5 months at 2-8°C

General Information

Hypoalbuminaemia may occur due to a variety of illnesses, such as hepatic disease, dietary influences, tissue damage due to burns or inflammation and proteinuria due to nephrotic syndrome. Hyperalbuminaemia is of little diagnostic significance except in cases of severe dehydration and malnutrition.

Patient Preparation



No significant interference from haemolysis, icterus or lipaemia.

Reference Range

35-50 g/L (Pathology Harmony)

Source of Reference Range

In house validation


  • EQA Status:

    UK NEQAS for Clinical Chemistry Scheme

  • EQAS Scheme: Yes

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