1.1.       High Sensitive Troponin T has changed to High Senstive Troponin I

Interpretation is as follows:

99th Centile Males < 34 ng/L and Females < 16 ng/L

  • “Result is > 99th In cases of chest pain this could be indicative of an ACS.  Requires clinical assessment by cardiologist or cardiology nurse practitioner”
  • “Result indicates a detectable troponin level but below 99th  No evidence of an ACS but a second sample 1-3 hours apart is required to rule out myocardial infarction.
  • Result indicates no detectable troponin (<5 ng/L).  If the chest pain was > 6 hours ago this result makes an ACS unlikely and in the absence of high clinical suspicion no further troponin test is required.  
  • Troponin results cannot be used in isolation to diagnose or rule out an ACS.  Please use the HEART score and refer to cardiologist or cardiology nurse practitioner if advice is required.


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