Haematology Laboratory Update

The Haematology Laboratory have moved to using a new Sickle Screening test kit in order to harmonise our testing method across all sites. 

The Specialist Coagulation Laboratory have started using a new Chromogenic FVIII assay, in addition to the one-stage FVIII assay. This is useful at diagnosis as some genetic variants for FVIII deficiency give discrepant results between one-stage and Chromogenic assays. It is also a useful assay if an inhibitor to FVIII is suspected.

Routine coagulation have started using a new back up semi-automated analyser so we can reliably check samples that fail on our fully automated system.  These failures are usually due to lipaemia or low fibrinogen. This will help us provide a more robust service to critically ill patients.

These tests are not currently accredited to ISO 15189 but will be added as part of our extension to scope in March 2021.

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